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The teaching philosophy of the Department of Culinary Management is learning by doing while learning, and putting practice first. To cultivate students’ professionalism in Chinese cooking, Western cooking and Japanese cooking (i.e., Teppanyaki), like baking and fruit making, beverage preparation, and so forth. Our department combines theory with situational teaching to carry out practical courses and provide a complete plan for the culinary-related industry internship system. Our department also actively encourages students to participate in domestic and international culinary competitions to expand their global horizons. Our department focuses on strengthening students’ business management skills to become modern culinary entrepreneurs with culinary majors and management skills.

In recent years, the concept of global morality refers to ‘From Farm to Table.’ The development of the eastern part of Taiwan’s agriculture brings abundance in natural resources. As a result, students can use different natural ingredients creatively in professional courses. At the same, it allows students to promote local ingredients and showcase their cooking talents internationally.

Our department selects teachers with rich practical experience in the industry. Our department assists and guides students to obtain professional licenses. After graduation, students can work as restaurant and kitchen managers, professional chefs, executive chefs at Chinese/Western/Japanese restaurants, baking, and bartending – they can also start their businesses and engage in culinary-related industries.